Ten Film Scores By Christopher Young ?>

Ten Film Scores By Christopher Young

There is nothing subtle about the creativity of Christopher Young. Which is not to be pejorative and imply that he’s not as adept at low key grace as he is with gothic bravado. But he is, as the great Lou Lombardo is to editing, a towering rebuke to the puzzling maxim that varied facets of cinema practice should be, to all intents and purposes, invisible; to not intrude on the visual or the narrative or the audience’s perception of the…

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Khartoum ?>


Frank Cordell’s Khartoum is a huge epic score, and similarly to Twisted Nerve, has had split releases, with the original LP (a re-recording) being reissued by different labels with different Cordell scores, such as Ring Of Bright Water and Mosquito Squadron, but having the original and complete score allows for the scale of the score to really be felt musically. And Cordell executes the score beautifully. From the first moment of ‘Overture’, with those huge bold brass strokes, you know…

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