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Films On Wax was created with one express purpose: to further public and critical opinion of film scores through entertainment and education. Growing out of the flames of Entractemag.com, we have steadily grown in our mission to bring our opiate to the masses. One of our goals is to have a variety to our work; while some of our writers have a keen sense of musical knowledge, others concentrate purely on the emotional reaction of a score, and we wish never to alienate a reader who may not be as tuned in to the world of film scores.

Likewise, we try and discuss film scores in and out of their source material – the film itself. However, where our reviews are concerned, we are reviewing film score albums, or soundtracks as they are generally called (I don’t like to use that word because it can refer to a great many things). We try to give every composer and every album a fair review, and receive the majority of our albums as promotional copies from the PR company assigned by the composer and/or studio.

A note on disclosure: I regularly write sales material (and occasionally liner notes) for Death Waltz Recording Co. We do review Death Waltz’s albums on Films On Wax, but no differently than for any other album or label, however in the interests of full disclosure I wanted this to be publicly known.

– Charlie Brigden

Our Writers:

Charlie Brigden

Charlie has been obsessed with film scores since their inevitable introduction via Star Wars and Jaws. He lives in the far green country of Wales, and when he isn’t writing, editing, or adminning, he is either working in his sadly non-film score related day job or tending to his multiple tarantulas. He is a member of the IFMCA (International Film Music Critics Association).

Favourite Movie: Blade Runner (1992 Director’s Cut)
Favourite Score: Star Trek – The Motion Picture
Favourite Composer: Jerry Goldsmith

Karol Krok

Karol is our deputy editor. When not contributing dazzling material to this website, he’s leading a plain mortal life in lovely Derbyshire, usually not doing a whole lot. He finds films interesting but special extra features on DVD and Blu-ray and books about filmmaking are even more fascinating.

Favourite Movie: doesn’t have one
Favourite Score: Vertigo, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Jaws (that changes every day, though)
Favourite Composer: John Williams

Becky Grace Lea

Becky is a pop culture fan studying for a PhD and can usually be found watching too many films, too much TV, or with her nose in a book (or writing at Assorted Buffery).

Favourite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favourite Score: The Piano
Favourite Composer: Danny Elfman

Stuart Barr

Described as “a very good blogger” by Mark Kermode and ‘who?’ by Simon Mayo, Stuart writes on film for a variety of websites and other outlets.

Favourite Movie: Seven Samurai
Favourite Score: Blade Runner
Favourite Composer: Ennio Morricone

Jim Ware

Jim became a film music aficionado after developing an obsession with end credits as a child. He can often be found propping up the bar during intervals at film music concerts in London and occasionally further afield.

Favourite Scores: The Empire Strikes Back, Mishima, The Lord of the Rings
Favourite Films: Lawrence of Arabia, Raiders of the Lost Ark
Favourite Composers: John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Howard Shore, Philip Glass

Mikko Ojala

Mikko is an avid devotee of film music and movies from Helsinki, Finland, with education in Classical Philology and Information Sciences. In addition to being a new reviewer for Films on Wax he is also a long time member, contributor and current moderator of the John Williams Fan Network (JWFan.com) forums.

Favourite Movie: The Lion in Winter
Favourite Score: Jurassic Park
Favourite Composer: John Williams

Daniel Mills

Daniel is a classically trained composer who works mainly with live electronics.

Favourite Movie: Eyes Wide Shut
Favourite Score: Cloud Atlas
Favourite Composer: John Cage or Arnold Schoenberg

Nick Spacek

Nick is a part-time freelance writer and listener-to of interesting things, fond of couches and kittens.

Favorite Movie: Night of the Creeps
Favorite Score: Zombie Flesh Eaters
Favorite Composer: John Carpenter


An entropic iconoclast in a world that forgot not to notice.

Favourite Movie: Blade Runner (1982 Theatrical Cut)
Favourite Score: Vertigo
Favourite Composer: Bernard Herrmann

Moxie McMurder

Roller derby magazine editor and film critic. Lover of all things strange and unusual.

Favourite Movie: Jaws
Favourite Score: The Virgin Suicides
Favourite Composer: Angelo Badalamenti

Andy Shaw

Tony Sower

Paul Bullock


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