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Hello Moviedrone! ?>

Hello Moviedrone!

Hi! You might have noticed things have changed. As of today, Films On Wax has officially become Moviedrone. I imagine this is confusing, so I’ll try and explain why. Films On Wax – as good a name as it is/was – was originally chosen in mind with the approach we were taking, which was a focus on looking at soundtracks on the vinyl format (hence the wax). For many reasons, mainly because it’s prohibitively expensive, it’s never been something we…

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The Best of 2016 ?>

The Best of 2016

2016 has been a pretty fantastic year for film music and here are what we consider the best of the lot, in no order of quality… By Charlie Brigden ABULELE – Frank Ilfman  A darker take on E.T., with spectacular melodies from Ilfman, one of the best contemporary composers around. HIGH RISE – Clint Mansell As dystopian as the film’s concept, Mansell combines orchestra and moog to score a deterioration of society and it’s a spectacular work. Review. JACKIE – Mica…

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Watership Down ?>

Watership Down

Vocalion steps in with a welcome reissue of the long out of print rabbit drama score, along with two other back catalogue releases… By Charlie Brigden A beloved adaptation with an undeserved reputation as a nasty piece of work, 1978’s WATERSHIP DOWN is a tale of a group of rabbits that escape from their warren after believing a great danger is oncoming, and search for a new home. It was bestowed with a wonderful score by the late Angela Morley, with…

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story ?>

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Going Rogue: A Star Wars Soundtrack Story By Charlie Brigden People have been waiting with trepidation ever since Disney announced they were making spin-off Star Wars pics under the banner A STAR WARS STORY, but now the first one is here, and after a couple of behind-the-scenes music changes – Alexandre Desplat was replaced by Michael Giacchino – ROGUE ONE has launched. Notable and controversial for being the first in the franchise not to be scored by John Williams, all…

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