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Remembering David Shire’s Zodiac ?>

Remembering David Shire’s Zodiac

by Charlie Brigden There isn’t a lot of score in ZODIAC. Nearly thirty minutes out of a hundred and fifty-eight, which isn’t unknown for a movie of its sort. “It didn’t need a score,” thought director David Fincher, who had already curated a large and personal playlist of songs for the film which both served to reflect the general mood as well as illustrate the passage of time. But then he was reminded of David Shire. Even today, on the…

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Return To Oz ?>

Return To Oz

A marvelous but curious film, no one in 1985 really knew what to make of Return To Oz, and thirty years later many still don’t. It has far murkier tones than what many view as its predecessor, although it’s rather an adaptation of L. Frank Baum’s original books

Old Boyfriends ?>

Old Boyfriends

By Karol KrokDavid Shire’s highly cerebral approach to film music that is prevalent through most of his work for various genres. While obviously able construct accessible melodies (Return to Oz, anyone?), he would never take quite as simple route. There’s always another layer to the writing: that can mean complex harmonic language, orchestrations or clever musical connection. Whatever it might be at any given moment, the composer always seems to give any story some emotional and intellectual density. If you…

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Please Release Me: 2010 (1984) ?>

Please Release Me: 2010 (1984)

By Charlie Brigden Given that it’s the sequel to arguably the most-lauded science fiction film in the history of cinema, it’s not surprising that 2010 is seen as a bit of a embarrassing cousin. Subtitled The Year We Make Contact, Peter Hyams’ film goes beyond the existential and metaphysical questions of 2001: A Space Odyssey to – as its title suggests –

The Journey Inside ?>

The Journey Inside

By Karol Krok   Title: The Journey Inside Composer: David Shire The Film: Part science-fiction and part educational/promotional video for Intel Corporation, The Journey Inside is a short IMAX feature made in the 1994. Alien creature try to sabotage the creation of new processor that is supposed to cause a big leap in human civilisation development. Disappeared almost instantly from cinemas and never resurfaced again (to this day it’s credited to Alan Smitee).

In The Tapedeck: Rear Window ?>

In The Tapedeck: Rear Window

In The Tapedeck is a look at soundtracks for people on the go, with brevity and straight to the point favoured over things like paragraphs… By Charlie Brigden Title: Rear Window Composer: David Shire The Film: The late, great Christopher Reeve emulates Jimmy Stewart in a made-for-TV remake of Hitchcock’s great thriller. The Score: A supreme balance of beauty and terror. Using a versatile theme reprised in several different tones, Shire engrosses you in the narrative only to throw your…

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