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The Homesman

By Charlie Brigden


Title: The Homesman

Composer: Marco Beltrami

The Film: Tommy Lee Jones directs and stars in another of his edgy westerns where he and Hilary Swank have to transport three mentally ill women to Iowa.

The Score: I’ve never really been able to connect with Beltrami’s scores below the surface, but something about The Homesman speaks to me. It’s a wonderfully evocative score, sparse at times but honestly emotional, with a beautiful main melody.

Distinguishing Features: That gorgeous main theme – especially in ‘The Homesman End Credits’ – that sounds like something Jerry Goldsmith would have written in his latter period.

Final Thoughts: It’s a beautiful score, although maybe even forty-six minutes is pushing it for an album due to the sometimes esoteric material. But I’d still heartily recommend it.

The Homesman is out now from Varese Sarabande

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