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Gremlins – Liner Notes ?>

Gremlins – Liner Notes

At some time tomorrow Mondo will be putting up Jerry Goldsmith’s great score Gremlins for sale on LP. The special cover that Mondo have put together is a crazy thing that will reveal certain images when it gets wet – how mental is that? Now, what happened is that I wrote liner notes for this edition, which unfortunately were not including for reasons beyond their control. So what I’ve done is put them into a pdf, so anyone who wants…

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50 Years of Star Trek Music ?>

50 Years of Star Trek Music

“Space. The final frontier.” Four words that are etched into pop culture history, but what about the music that accompanied them? The Star Trek theme is as important as cloaking devices or the mind meld in the franchise’s iconography, but did you know there were five different versions? Or that show creator Gene Roddenberry originally wrote lyrics for the theme? In all the ways that Star Trek was groundbreaking, the one element that gets the least attention is its music,…

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Ten Film Scores By Christopher Young ?>

Ten Film Scores By Christopher Young

There is nothing subtle about the creativity of Christopher Young. Which is not to be pejorative and imply that he’s not as adept at low key grace as he is with gothic bravado. But he is, as the great Lou Lombardo is to editing, a towering rebuke to the puzzling maxim that varied facets of cinema practice should be, to all intents and purposes, invisible; to not intrude on the visual or the narrative or the audience’s perception of the…

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The Interview: Alex Somers ?>

The Interview: Alex Somers

Alex Somers is something of a renaissance man. Perhaps best known for his collaborative work with Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi, he has spent the past decade quietly carving a reputation as one of the most unique producer talents currently working, in addition to working as a visual artist and cookery show host (no, really). Originally from Baltimore, but now based in Reykjavík, Somers’ career has seen him collaborating with the likes of Damien Rice and Julianna Barwick in addition to…

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Saving The Music of Star Trek – The Motion Picture ?>

Saving The Music of Star Trek – The Motion Picture

1979. The troubled journey of Star Trek – The Motion Picture, Paramount’s big-screen adaptation of the iconic science fiction television show, is deep in its post-production phase. Effects are being rushed and editing is ongoing, with a state of panic approaching seasoned genre director Robert Wise. But the film is about to be in the hands of Jerry Goldsmith, the storied composer who combined animalistic horns with mixing bowls in Planet of the Apes and who has not long won…

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The Interview: Emily Rice ?>

The Interview: Emily Rice

It can be hard for a young composer in Hollywood, especially when you’re female, but there are opportunities. Proof of that is British composer Emily Rice, whose experience working with composers such as Frank Ilfman and Brian Tyler puts her in the perfect place for when she graduates to bigger feature scores. We talked to Emily about the world of breaking into the film scoring world.   Charlie Brigden: Okay, so the beginning is the best place to start –…

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