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Op-Ed: Embrace The New, Academy! ?>

Op-Ed: Embrace The New, Academy!

Watch out – it’s an Oscar hot take! By Charlie Brigden Okay, so controversy has yet again reared its ugly head now that the list of film scores eligible for a 2017 Academy Award have been revealed. Of a reel of 145 scores there are some eye-opening omissions, including Kim Allen Kluge and Kathryn Kluge’s score to Martin Scorsese’s Silence, Lesley Barber’s Manchester By The Sea, and probably the biggest shock, Jóhann Jóhannsson’s Arrival. The latter was hotly tipped for…

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Op-Ed: Why Marvel? ?>

Op-Ed: Why Marvel?

Recently, there have been two very interesting videos that have surfaced regarding music from modern blockbusters, particularly the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tony Zhou in his series ‘Every Frame A Painting’ created a video about why the Marvel music isn’t particularly inspiring and that it heavily relies on temp tracking, and Dan Golding created a response with ‘A Theory of Film Music’ that extrapolated further that films have been temped for a long time, notably using the example of the classical…

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Op-Ed: A Musical Controversy Awakens ?>

Op-Ed: A Musical Controversy Awakens

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without controversy, and the release of The Force Awakens has had its fair share, with idiot racists and sexists making up the most of it. But there’s also been some comments about the music, specifically one certain use of a previous cue that has had some fans up in arms. This is our attempt to look at why this might have happened – spoilers are ahead.

Film Scores and Depression: My Coping Mechanism ?>

Film Scores and Depression: My Coping Mechanism

Warning: There may be possible triggers in here that may affect some people “What are you listening to?” That’s a surprisingly loaded question. I’m never sure what to say when I’m asked that, and generally I jokingly lie and say it’s some girl band and be a bit self-deprecating, because I feel uncomfortable telling the truth in these situations, partially because I’m depressed.

Who Should Boldly Go To Score The New Star Trek? ?>

Who Should Boldly Go To Score The New Star Trek?

It’s back! CBS have just announced a new Star Trek television series, to debut January 2017. Nothing else has been announced, but obviously something has already started running around our heads like a rabid hamster: who should score the show. Now they have a few options in terms of music already existing; they could do a new arrangement of Alexander Courage’s classic theme (although JJ Abrams’ Star Trek already did that), they could follow The Next Generation and use Jerry…

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Op-Ed: Bring Bond Back? ?>

Op-Ed: Bring Bond Back?

You may have noticed that our review for the score to the latest James Bond adventure, Spectre, is now up on the site. I didn’t review it, I left it to Karol, but that wasn’t the intention – what we meant to do was to write about it together and present it as a conversational piece. I couldn’t do this for a couple of reasons, but it boiled down to me not being able to get into the score. I…

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