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Colour Me Bad? ?>

Colour Me Bad?

By Charlie Brigden Blood-red. Green zombie splatter. Dino-DNA. If you’re a soundtrack vinyl collector you’ll recognise these terms instantly, and will probably wince, the magnitude of which will be dependent on whether or not you paid over the mark for one of these colourways. But like it or lump it, coloured vinyl is big business. But are people sacrificing the music for the packaging?

Op-Ed: The Dark Is Night And Full Of Amateurs ?>

Op-Ed: The Dark Is Night And Full Of Amateurs

By Charlie Brigden Headlines are everything on the internet, especially on places like Twitter where you have to get your point across in as few words as possible. Such is the header of a new piece in The Guardian about Ennio Morricone, who has said a few words while doing press for a mass for Pope Francis he’ll be conducting this month. The headline is a good attention grabber:

Episode IV: A Muted Fanfare ?>

Episode IV: A Muted Fanfare

By Charlie Brigden So once again the Star Wars saga has been re-released and once again the internet is up in arms, and once again the peanut gallery has a point. In what has become a broken record, a change in the latest issue of the films has upset people, and it’s actually a musical change. But the change comes not from George Lucas but the galaxy’s new hope: Disney, and the Lucasfilm brand run under the mouse’s ears.

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