Escape To Witch Mountain ?>

Escape To Witch Mountain

By Charlie Brigden


Title: Escape To Witch Mountain

Composer: Johnny Mandel

The Film: A pair of twins with psycho and telekinetic abilities are pursued by a millionaire who wants to exploit their powers to make him richer.

The Score: Mandel’s score is full of intrigue and wonder, with a certain naivety and innocence coming from the influence of the children. That innocence lends its beauty and kindness, and its quirkiness.

Distinguishing Features: The wonderful main title, the mysterious yet wondrous woodwind and piano of ‘Close Shave and Uncle Lucas’, the tense and spooky ‘Thunderhead’.

Final Thoughts: A lovely and gentle example of silver age scoring in a brilliant edition from Intrada. A wonderful package and score, Escape To Witch Mountain is highly recommended.

Escape To Witch Mountain is out now from Intrada Records

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